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Since Started in 2019, (HYC) has advanced in leaps and bounds. It has spiraled up in terms of the team, revenue, clients, and networks. Today, it has collaborated with 150+ leading hospitals and has onboarded acclaimed Doctors. On the other hand, it has bestrewn its affiliates and franchises in many foreign lands which are in turn strengthened its grounds in the international realm as well.

HYC is one of Asia’s largest Medical Travel companies, serving over 6000+ patients every year. We help patients around the world find the best doctors in Asia, based on their medical needs, location, and budget.

With thousands of doctors working at our partner hospital, HYC can get you the best medical care, at the best prices, wherever you want it.

The platform is completely free-to-use available in different languages; that seeks to connect patients searching for a medical procedure with clinics and hospitals around the world, allowing them to compare prices, facilities, and medical experts with options at home so they can make informed decisions regarding who to trust with their healthcare. You only make a payment in the hospital where you’ve received care.


To create the most trusted organization globally in the sector of healthcare & wellness


Providing promised services to patients, members & partners


to make the “Healthcare & Wellness” sector more reliable, objective, transparent, accountable, and responsible with the best quality of patient care.






Post Care Services

Doctor Consultations

Accurate and proper treatment consultation provided for free

Plan the trip

Organizing your flight and hotel after treatment confirmation

Airport Pickup

Private individual transfer arranged during all your treatment process

24 Hour Assistant

Accompany you throughout your medical trip till your departure


Providing you accommodations with affordable prices

Insurance & Guarantee

In case of any medical malpractice, gratis treatment, accommodation and ticket

Hospital Service & VIP Clinic

Providing High quality clinics and hospitals for undergoing the surgeries

Post Treatment & Recovery Time

After recovery, the doctor will do the post-surgery consultation


City tours (sightseeing, visiting tourist attractions)

Aftercare & Follow-up

Follow up procedure after you return by phone,video calls etc.